6 Steps to Success

Our events, courses and programmes are highly experiential and behavioural based and our belief is that effective learning is founded upon high levels of self-awareness and as such it relies less on theories and more on focussing on the individual needs.

Our events are highly participative and use a variety of blended learning methods work based learning and executive coaching.

Participants have the opportunity to work in a team in a live, decision making manner that mirrors the real business world.

In order for the learning to transfer into business success we believe it’s critical that staff are fully supported in the workplace in order to embed their learning and line managers are fully involved throughout the training particularly in the workplace.

Our 6 steps to success

Our recommendation is firstly to undertake a knowledge and skills assessment with all learners in order that we can match the courses or programme to specific individual development needs.

These are the six stages which together ensure that the learners will get the most from the course or programme and become really confident and highly competent in their role

  1. Stakeholder Engagement

    We work with our clients to ensure the course or programme exactly matches the needs of their people and the learners are fully aware of the personal and business benefits of the development event. It is imperative that line managers are fully bought into the course or programme and are fully supportive of their people

  2. Preparation-work

    Preparation work is agreed with our clients and is always practical, interesting and relevant, line managers need to be fully involved in supporting their people with any course preparation work

  3. Developing Understanding, Skills and Knowledge

    We will provide the understanding, knowledge and skills development your people need using a blended approach and accelerated learning techniques along with tapping into the expertise from your organisation and B learning’s consultants who are all learning and development and industry specialists

  4. Learning Assessment

    We continually assess the learners understanding, knowledge and skills, flexing our style or the programme to ensure development objectives are met and the learners feel engaged, challenged and fully supported

  5. Learning Application

    This element helps the individual apply the learning into their real life daily work, tasks and problem solving activities, so that they are able to continue their learning through work related experiences. Line managers will need to play a key part in this element of the learners journey in providing observations, delivering regular quality motivational and developmental feedback to their people and supporting them in their development

  6. Accreditation

    Accrediting the learners work confirms that the course or programme has led them to become truly proficient and successful in applying the learning in the work environment. This will be evidenced by their personal, team and the organisations success.

Our performance is judged and evaluated by customer feedback and our motto at B Learning is “Judge by Results.” Therefore everything we deliver is evaluated and reviewed.