How we work with you

Our approach is to develop events, courses and programmes in partnership with you and together choose an in-company solution that is always highly cost effective and ensures that your learning and development objectives are achieved.

We focus on the learner’s development needs, finding creative, blended learning solutions, so that teams and individuals get a structured learning experience that meets the organisational demands, goals and objectives.

By completing a detailed analysis prior to any training programme we can establish the bench mark starting point.

Programmes are then designed to ensure that the learner is informed, challenged, inspired and motivated to achieve success using a blended approach and accelerated learning techniques.

Following the delivery of any training event, we evaluate the programme results and chosen learning methods with you. All delegates complete a personal development and action learning plan to help transfer of learning into the workplace.

We often adopt a pilot approach to ensure that individual events within an assignment are achieving the intended impact. We are then able to make what are often minor adjustments to achieve more powerful outputs.

Our proposed approach to any assignment will be based on your company vision, values and strategic goals, following the on-going cycle outlined below.

Continuous improvements can be made thereafter using the cycle as an on-going process.

Continuity and improvement cycle


Working in partnership with you

  1. Understand your current situation and business goals

    We will work with you to quickly understand your business, strategic goals, values and aspirations, helping to identify people development priorities to achieve your specific objectives.

    We are expert in rapidly getting to know our clients culture, processes and people, in order to create specific content, case studies and approaches that work for you.

  2. Design - Plan and agree the most effective strategy

    Our solutions are bespoke and tailored precisely to your need. There is nothing predefined or prescribed about our approach, nor are we tied to any particular method or technology. We use our learning design expertise to diagnose performance gaps and create solutions grounded in a deep understanding of how people learn and develop
With many years experience of designing training programmes, and measuring their success means that we can quickly identify which performance metrics will accurately predict the outcome you desire. We then develop the programme and content to produce measurable results quickly, incorporating a full range of high impact blended learning solutions

  3. Implement the programme, deliver the plan and achieve goals

    Our programmes are highly interactive and deliver behavioural change, they provide practical development, which attendees can take back to the workplace and put into practice immediately. Our inspirational trainers, facilitators and coaches all have many years of experience and have been handpicked for their knowledge and interpersonal skills. They all have highly credible track records in people development and senior leadership roles.

  4. Embed - The learning and behaviours

    We offer a range of embedment activities following any event, to ensure the transfer of new skills, knowledge and behaviours to the workplace and make the changes stick. We can support line managers with:
    – Observations with feedback and coaching
    – Monitoring and assessing performance against agreed criteria
    – Coaching sessions and agreed goals
    – Knowledge testing
    – Support with online refresher modules
    – Project work to assist knowledge development
    – A team of trained coaches to support the programme
    – Actors for skills practice sessions
    – Lunch and learn events

  5. Evaluate, Measure impact and benefits

    The process of measuring results begins during the programme design stage, so the learning outcomes are tightly aligned with your strategic objectives. It is an ongoing process which leads to decision making and planning for future training. Therefore, a useful and informative evaluation program needs to be part of the programme
There are many excellent methodologies and tools for evaluation as well as practical ways to retrieve good results and we will tailor these to measure precisely what’s needed.