Leading and Inspiring Teams to Success

Who will benefit

This course is aimed at those people who have responsibility for managing and developing the performance of others


To help you understand how to successfully Lead and Manage Others which will create a culture of High Performance and Engagement. It will also help you to enhance your communication success and interpersonal effectiveness.

By the end of this course you will

  • Have shared experiences and develop greater self-awareness. Build peer support, share challenges and explore ideas for leading and managing others
  • Explore the qualities of an inspirational and effective leader / manager reflecting on your own leadership style and how it impacts on others
  • Identify existing strengths, skills and behaviours that account for your effectiveness in getting results
  • Recognise the strengths, skills and behaviours you need to develop, or use more frequently, to be more effective in getting results
  • Develop greater relationship awareness in order to get the best out of yourself and your team
  • Share an understanding of what leading and managing entails, how the skills differ and the importance of using both skills effectively
  • Understand yourself and others better and define the essential qualities and skills required for an effective leader / manager
  • Explore the barriers to effective delegation and how to delegate effectively
  • Learn the key habits of highly effective people and how to balance own workload with leading and managing others
  • Understand how to give constructive, helpful motivational and developmental feedback and help teams succeed
  • Manage conflict and create a healthy climate of high emotional intelligence, wellbeing and success for your team
  • Develop a greater understanding of building a motivated, engaged and high performing team
  • Create a personal action plan for continued success

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