Managing Conflict

Who will benefit

Anybody, who wishes to enhance their performance at work through their relationships with others and by effectively dealing with conflict and potential conflict situations.


The course focuses on the skills required to build good relationships, to minimise the risk of conflict and to deal with conflict when it arises in a constructive manner. The course delivers practical techniques to enable you to difficult and potentially confrontational situations confidently. You will:

  • Learn how to recognise potential areas of conflict in order to prevent problems arising
  • Identify your personal style of handling conflict and learn how to effectively deal with conflict when it happens

Course Content

  • Understand the nature and effects of conflict
  • Develop self awareness and understanding others
  • Gain an insight into the symptoms and root causes of conflict
  • Gain a clear understanding of own and others values motivations and likely causes of conflict
  • Develop rapport building skills
  • Choose how to respond to others
  • How to handle emotional behaviour
  • How to manage own emotions and manage anger
  • Enhance listening and questioning skills
  • Develop use of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Identify own preferred style of handling conflict
  • Influencing strategies and negotiating a win/win situation
  • Use assertiveness for influencing and achieving positive results
  • Explore aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Effectively use frameworks for managing anger and conflict situations
  • Practical exercises

Course Duration

1 Day

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