Balfour Beatty Technical Services & Manchester Travel, GMPTE

B-Learning delivers an extremely professional, considered service that ticks all the boxes. They actively listen to your needs, ask relevant specific questions, summarise your requests and develop courses quickly and efficiently from these conversations. The detail is rich and company specific, making it extremely relevant to a business’ needs.

Throughout the process, from the initial meeting right through to the course and any post course support, B-Learning communicates positively and pro-actively.

We have received excellent evaluation for B-Learning from the delegates on courses delivered for us by them. What stands out is how related the material is to our business and B-Learning always strive to gain a thorough knowledge of any organisation that they work with.

B-Learning has run several events, both my present company (Balfour Beatty Technical Services) as well as my previous place of work (Manchester Travel, GMPTE).

The quality of all those who work for B-Learning is that of consummate professionalism, dedication and customer focus. They are all personable in their dealings with each individual and you truly feel looked after and listened to throughout.

Suzette Verrill, Helen Bredenkamp and Ken Goodier give you their all and are flexible to adapt to any demands or situations that might arise.

Below is some feedback received from B-learning courses:

“Good energy and excellent knowledge from Facilitators Ken and Helen”

“Good mix of learning and workshops etc. rather than death by PowerPoint, as a result I felt fully involved in the day”

“A very well laid out day with engaging facilitators. Good to see a more in depth overview of Bid Writing which I know will give me more confidence going forward. Excellent”

“They were good at empowering me and facilitating learning = a real student centred approach”

Winning Writing Bids was the course delivered and as part of the learning. There was pre and post course work designed by B-Learning which helped us evaluate the ROI for our business.

In the evaluation, when asked the questions ‘can you apply the learning back in your role’ and ‘value of the course overall’ B-learning received 97% positive feedback for both of these.

I would not hesitate to recommend B-learning as they work incredibly hard to deliver the very best, most organisationally relevant courses and materials of any provider I have worked with.

Brian J Leslie
Training Consultant, Romec Ltd