Manchester Travel – Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive

As you know, when GMPTE set up the Learning & Development function over three years ago, it was a new venture for our organisation. We had no real understanding what this should incorporate and we had never worked in partnership with training consultants such as you, so we were a little reserved in our trust in terms of value for money and delivery.

Now having experience of many training consultants, comparison of costs, quality and delivery, I feel that it is important that you are aware of the impact you have had right across GMPTE in these areas. Your understanding of how this organisation works, your patience and professionalism has been incredible. The way you guided us through the difficult areas and times, ensuring that we took responsibility and ownership for the development work you did for us, all done in a relaxed coaching style that made everyone involved feel comfortable and wanted to learn more from you.

Your delivery methods and approach to course design are unique, creative and engaging. Our feedback forms from managers and staff always hit high scores and the courses memorable to all those who attended. This was a real help to gain credibility for the Learning & Development Function who was in its early days of its own development, marketing and reputation.

In terms of working with you on these projects and courses, it was always inspiring, there was nothing you did not know about in relation to training methods and practice, never intimidating and always professional and most of all fun!

You and your team always went way above what was expected. Nothing was too much trouble and you were contactable at anytime day or night. It is those times that made you more than a consultant and was a very personal touch that will always stay with me. It demonstrated to me that in the hard world of business, one can still be successful, kind and creative all at the same time. Thank you for reminding me of that. It had been lost over time.

Caryn Mellor
Human Resources Business Delivery Manager, Manchester Travel GMPTE