Innovation, leadership and change

Who will benefit

Leaders and managers who will need to introduce change successfully into their teams and develop a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.


Determine the causes of change and the effects and predict the likely responses and resistances from your people. Determine the strategies and methods needed to ensure change is implemented successfully and a culture of innovation and continuous improvement becomes the norm.

Course Content

  • The nature of change, why it happens
  • Identify past, current and future changes affecting your business and the impact on the people, products and services
  • The critical importance of Innovation and managing change reactions
  • What makes the difference between success and failure when introducing change
  • Effective and ineffective change strategies
  • Preparing yourself and others for change
  • Understanding the psychological impact of change, individual responses and the transition change curve
  • Predicting human reactions, behaviours and performance levels in relation to the introduction of change
  • Create a climate for change and innovation
  • Develop strategies to support people through change quickly and effectively
  • Presenting your ideas and communicating change
  • Creating an empowered climate and sustaining momentum and energy
  • Sustaining change and predicting future change
  • Action planning

Course Duration

2 Days

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