Our customer feedback is testament that we live by. We strive to see the world through the eyes of our customers making it our priority to understand and exceed customers expectations, delivering high quality and measurable results.




We appointed B Learning & Development to create a national academy for the kitchen retail industry and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. I have worked closely with B Learning’s Managing Director, Suzette Verrill, and I have been extremely impressed with her skills, commercial knowledge and professionalism.

The training programme she created is outstanding and has benefited hundreds of our retail partners’ staff and our own people enabling us all to be better equipped to prosper in an increasingly competitive market.

In addition, Suzette and her team have been invaluable in assisting with presentation skills and speech writing ensuring our messages are clear and impactful.

Sir Bob Murray, Chairman, Omega plc

The King’s School

The King’s School

Suzette has worked with middle leaders in our school over a period of several months on our bespoke leadership development programme. We have found her to be unfailingly professional and friendly. The materials developed for us have been creative and to a high standard and Suzette herself has been flexible and responsive to our needs as an organisation and adaptive to the learners in each group.

The delegates who have been through the programme have given excellent feedback and have found the events to be relevant to them and tailored to their varied needs. The learning experiences were thought provoking and they even reported that they had fun!

We would recommend B Learning to other organisations and hope to use their services again very soon.

Ruth Thomson
HR Manager
The King’s School, West Yorkshire

Geoban UK | Part of the Santander Group

Geoban UK | Part of the Santander Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Suzette on a number of senior leadership development programmes, both as a delegate and a client.  Suzette believes in full consultation and collaboration  with her clients to ensure she understands the business and its needs.  Suzette then combines this with her broad external knowledge and learning and development skills to design customer focussed solutions.  Working to the highest standards, Suzette is passionate about people and learning and the consistently high quality feedback we receive from attendees demonstrates the value and take away knowledge they receive from her development.   I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her.

Zoe Ketteridge | Senior HR Manager – Resourcing

Audi Teesside

Audi Teesside

We were delighted with our team experience at Camp Hill. We already have a great team and the experience has enabled us to be even more effective going forward. Suzette took time to understand our needs beforehand and had chosen the venue well. Both the environment and the way the day was facilitated enabled us all to share some really helpful feedback between departments which in turn is helping the business to grow.

Seamus Watson Head of Business Audi Teesside– Testimonial for Suzette Verrill : B-Learning and Development Ltd

Audi Doncaster

Audi Doncaster

“To be honest bullying and harassment is a subject where I assume many people would prefer to believe that it doesn’t exist in the workplace! However Suzette really inspired the management team, everyone came out saying that it had been really good at opening their eyes.

The content was clear and inspiring. Everyone got quite passionate about building the positive tactics into their approach afterwards. Suzette made something that could potentially have been very dull into something that was good fun and really brought it to life for us”

Head of Business
Jack Bryson

Ware & Kay Solicitors

Ware & Kay Solicitors

B Learning and Development have made a real difference to our business through a programme of training designed specifically to meet our individual needs.

As a busy and highly professional firm of solicitors, delivering exceptional customer services is one of our top priorities.

B Learning & Development Ltd designed and delivered bespoke programmes   called ‘Delivering Customer Service Excellence’. One of the programmes was tailored for receptionists and the other programme was designed specifically for all the conveyancing staff which included fee earners and support staff from our York and Wetherby offices.

The pre-course learning and the events were extremely well-delivered and provided extremely useful and practical information.

Everyone came away from the events feeling very enthusiastic and the feedback from the programme was that the feeling of new confidence in dealing with their work situations as well as helping them with their personal confidence by offering them skills and knowledge to cope with different circumstances. Suzette Verrill is extremely engaging and highly authentic which made it a refreshing experience.

In addition, Suzette provided a follow-up day course in order to embed the training even further and this enabled the team to reflect on what they had learnt. We would have no hesitation in recommending Suzette and would definitely use her for more training in the future. What a pleasure to have spent those days with her.

On behalf of Ware & Kay I would like to take this opportunity and thank Suzette for the information and knowledge she has passed on to the team at Ware & Kay.

Rosie Guenzel
Marketing Manager

Manchester Airports Group 1

Manchester Airports Group 1

I have worked with Suzette Verrill and the team for over 3 years. During this time they have delivered a range of training programmes for the airport ranging from management development and customer service through to facilitating team days and management union events.

Suzette and the team have always been highly professional. In particular they have:

  • been flexible and tailored things to what the business and the learners needed
  • challenged and encouraged learners to think and behave differently
  • had a high attention to detail
  • produced quality training materials
  • used a range of methods to get the message across

I would highly recommend them.

Libby Milsom
Head of Group Learning and Development
Manchester Airports Group

Manchester Travel – Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive

Manchester Travel – Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive

As you know, when GMPTE set up the Learning & Development function over three years ago, it was a new venture for our organisation. We had no real understanding what this should incorporate and we had never worked in partnership with training consultants such as you, so we were a little reserved in our trust in terms of value for money and delivery.

Now having experience of many training consultants, comparison of costs, quality and delivery, I feel that it is important that you are aware of the impact you have had right across GMPTE in these areas. Your understanding of how this organisation works, your patience and professionalism has been incredible. The way you guided us through the difficult areas and times, ensuring that we took responsibility and ownership for the development work you did for us, all done in a relaxed coaching style that made everyone involved feel comfortable and wanted to learn more from you.

Your delivery methods and approach to course design are unique, creative and engaging. Our feedback forms from managers and staff always hit high scores and the courses memorable to all those who attended. This was a real help to gain credibility for the Learning & Development Function who was in its early days of its own development, marketing and reputation.

In terms of working with you on these projects and courses, it was always inspiring, there was nothing you did not know about in relation to training methods and practice, never intimidating and always professional and most of all fun!

You and your team always went way above what was expected. Nothing was too much trouble and you were contactable at anytime day or night. It is those times that made you more than a consultant and was a very personal touch that will always stay with me. It demonstrated to me that in the hard world of business, one can still be successful, kind and creative all at the same time. Thank you for reminding me of that. It had been lost over time.

Caryn Mellor
Human Resources Business Delivery Manager, Manchester Travel GMPTE

Balfour Beatty Technical Services & Manchester Travel, GMPTE

Balfour Beatty Technical Services & Manchester Travel, GMPTE

B-Learning delivers an extremely professional, considered service that ticks all the boxes. They actively listen to your needs, ask relevant specific questions, summarise your requests and develop courses quickly and efficiently from these conversations. The detail is rich and company specific, making it extremely relevant to a business’ needs.

Throughout the process, from the initial meeting right through to the course and any post course support, B-Learning communicates positively and pro-actively.

We have received excellent evaluation for B-Learning from the delegates on courses delivered for us by them. What stands out is how related the material is to our business and B-Learning always strive to gain a thorough knowledge of any organisation that they work with.

B-Learning has run several events, both my present company (Balfour Beatty Technical Services) as well as my previous place of work (Manchester Travel, GMPTE).

The quality of all those who work for B-Learning is that of consummate professionalism, dedication and customer focus. They are all personable in their dealings with each individual and you truly feel looked after and listened to throughout.

Suzette Verrill, Helen Bredenkamp and Ken Goodier give you their all and are flexible to adapt to any demands or situations that might arise.

Below is some feedback received from B-learning courses:

“Good energy and excellent knowledge from Facilitators Ken and Helen”

“Good mix of learning and workshops etc. rather than death by PowerPoint, as a result I felt fully involved in the day”

“A very well laid out day with engaging facilitators. Good to see a more in depth overview of Bid Writing which I know will give me more confidence going forward. Excellent”

“They were good at empowering me and facilitating learning = a real student centred approach”

Winning Writing Bids was the course delivered and as part of the learning. There was pre and post course work designed by B-Learning which helped us evaluate the ROI for our business.

In the evaluation, when asked the questions ‘can you apply the learning back in your role’ and ‘value of the course overall’ B-learning received 97% positive feedback for both of these.

I would not hesitate to recommend B-learning as they work incredibly hard to deliver the very best, most organisationally relevant courses and materials of any provider I have worked with.

Brian J Leslie
Training Consultant, Romec Ltd

Manchester Airports Group 2

Manchester Airports Group 2

I have had the pleasure of working with B-Learning for over two years now and have always found them to be a thoroughly professional company who can be relied upon to provide first class training. Their trainers are never late and are ready for action before their first delegates arrive. They are extremely accommodating and amenable to all our requests and on frequent occasions to our lack of reliable equipment.

The company look after all their own needs as regards course materials, printing etc. and very rarely ask the airport, myself for any additional assistance.

Having taken several of the courses myself I can confirm their trainers are very knowledgeable about their subjects and bring a fresh, innovative style to their teaching. They make all the delegates feel welcome and comfortable enabling them to really interact with the day’s training. You go out of the classroom really confident you can do it, so “Why Not”.

Many of the current colleagues of MAG have attended one or more of the B-learning courses that have been held over the years and the requests to attend more of their courses is surely the best testament to their value to the company. The company has built up a relationship with our colleagues that provides a safe learning environment for the delegate and therefore encourages the unsure delegate to attend. The company is also happy to provide further support and advice to past delegates after the initial training course; this is done at no extra cost to MAG.

B-learning for me provides the company with a premier learning facility that can accommodate our operational peculiarities. If we as a company wish to be the ‘Premier Airport Management and Services Company then we need to be dealing with premier service partners and I feel B-Learning fully meets this criteria.

Lindsay Britton-Spedding
L and D Administrator, Manchester Airport