Emotional & Relationship Intelligence

Forging Stronger and More Effective Leadership Teams

A powerful new system designed to help business leaders forge highly effective and successful management teams is now available from B Learning & Development.

Utilising the science behind emotional intelligence and relationship intelligence we can create bespoke on-line learning programmes which will provide your teams with a unique insight into the personality traits that make people behave in the way they do.

Our programme incorporates relationship management strategies based on emotional intelligence, aiming to help managers improve leadership effectiveness and their team members’ engagement.

After decades of research, the science is clear. Teams with emotional intelligence (EQ) and relationship intelligence (RQ) outperform the rest.

We all know that teamwork is so important to the success of our businesses but building and maintaining effective management teams can be challenging. At B Learning & Development, we understand that effective relationship management is one of the most important traits in leadership: our core strengths leadership platform is designed to help managers hone those skills and improve their management strategies through effective relationship and communication skills.

Managing individuals each with their own personality traits, beliefs and motivations needs smart leadership and never more so than in the present climate where home working and isolation has become the norm for so many companies and organisations.

Our Core Strengths Leadership Programme

The system is called Core Strengths, SDI 2.0 and has been developed using the science of relationship and emotional intelligence, which gives a powerful insight into why people behave in certain ways. This knowledge can be used to harness their strengths and increase their personal performance and that of their team, consequently improving their relationship management.

It has been developed by Core Strengths, a company that for 50 years has pioneered relationship awareness techniques which have been adopted by some of the world’s most successful companies including Amazon, Apple, Adobe, Barclays, Twitter, Marks & Spencer and Exxon Mobil.

B Learning & Development has become one of the first people development companies in the UK to become an approved partner to Core Strengths and is fully authorised to deliver its programmes.

SDI 2.0 is an award-winning, scientifically validated assessment tool which provides four views of a person – People, Performance, Process and Perspective.

Core Strengths SDI 2.0 gives an insight into your team members’ human behaviour- why they do what they do and how they relate to others. Using Relationship Intelligence in a language that is easy to understand, it can significantly improve your company’s leadership and management skills, as it gives a clear idea about what’s important to the people on your team and improves the ways where they can work together more effectively.

As a result, it provides the tools for choosing the right strengths and make the best decisions even in high-stakes situations.

Relationship building is more than a soft skill, and the SDI 2.0 plays a direct role in helping us relate to others – building our ability to improve dialogue.

With a focus on our motives, the SDI 2.0 provides a critical connection to a key leadership skill – the “art of influence.” It is easier to communicate with and influence someone when what’s important to them is understood. This insight helps you choose the best approach for engaging people whose thinking and behaviour appear much different from your own.

Relationship Intelligence enables team members to speak each other’s language and show up with the right strengths for the moment – all while staying true to their intrinsic motives and values.

The Core Strengths Learning Journey


Organisational Relationship Intelligence
The Core Strengths Platform enables us to deliver world class collaborative in-person and online training and coaching. Core Strengths leverages both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to drive personal and team performance. Teams with EQ and RQ mobilise strengths, and promote healthy opposition to quickly see all sides of an issue. With this collective insight, they can make timely decisions that drive results.


Leader and Team Insight
Rather than focus on WHAT we do, the SDI 2.0 helps us understand WHY we behave the way do and HOW we interact with one another. The SDI 2.0 develops Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and provides a common language of Relationship Intelligence (RQ) to enable greater collaboration and team effectiveness. These are key values when it comes to improving relationship management and leadership.


Relationship Skill Development
Our Results through Relationships Workshops, Bespoke Programmes and Coaching will show leaders and their teams how to transform stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding into opportunities to accelerate their success.

Core Strengths Platform

What if you had instant access into everyone’s communication style

  • Discover self-debrief micro-learning and personalised results videos for everyone.
  • Compare profiles with colleagues and teams for fresh insight on how to approach working together.
  • Access customised, real-time coaching on how to craft messages, prep for meetings, or navigate high-stakes conversations.


Improve Collaboration

On-demand insight to take the right approach with anyone

  • Personalised insight on how to approach working together – even in conflict.
  • Real-time intelligence for meetings, messages, and conversations.




Build Better Teams

Improve Team Productivity

When your SDI 2.0 results are connected between members of your team the insight is multiplied. Team views of the SDI 2.0 results reveal the collective balance of motives, conflict and strengths needed to raise the right issues, make strong decisions and keep the work flowing.

Relationships can be complex, but the good news is that making your talent more effective doesn’t have to be.

Delivering Results Through People

A business is a fabric woven together by teams—by people interacting in big and small ways every day.

The quality of relationships determines what your business can achieve. Core Strengths Relationship Intelligence enables you to connect your people strategy with your business strategy to deliver on your brand promise. It is achieved through a conscious commitment to improving collaboration, building better teams, and coaching for performance.

Core Strengths Platform

Our platform gives teams access to Relationship Intelligence in each interaction, so people don’t have to guess their way through relationship dynamics.


SDI 2.0 Assessments

Each person on the team can measure their motives, response to conflict, strengths and overdone strengths and learn how they relate to their colleagues.

Virtual Delivery

No more antiquated slides and PDFs. Our best-in-class virtual presenter tools make it easy to deliver true behavioural transformation in a matter of hours.

Our assessments, training and platform enable you to actively shape the conversations that move businesses forward.

We can also provide in-person workshops and coaching to help business leaders build a culture of collaborative relationships to smooth out the stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding.

Business leaders will discover how to:

  • Communicate effectively with team members and clients to achieve mutually beneficial results
  • Utilise healthy opposition instead of triggering unproductive conflict
  • Increase people’s commitment to and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes
  • Assume a greater sense of ownership for producing results
  • Co-create a plan to integrate Relationship Intelligence to drive business objectives
  • Gain an understanding of how Relationship Intelligence can drive an ROI for their organisation

Leaders and managers use it to:

  • Unite change across matrixed teams and departments
  • Improve one to one coaching conversations between leaders and their teams
  • Provide the entire organisation with real time mobile access to relationship Intelligence to help improve interactions and drive results
  • Positively impact the strategic partnerships between business unit leaders and their business partners
  • Align and inspire teams to introduce a new way of working – without hours in the classroom
  • Increase collaboration through healthy opposition using individualised communication styles
  • Create greater connection among team members through shared understanding of individual and team intelligence

To discover how Core Strengths SDI 2.0 can work for your business or to arrange a demonstration call our team on 01430 872000 or email info@b-learning.org.uk

This project has been approved and supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Northern Powerhouse.