Inspirational leadership

Who will benefit

Leaders who manage through other leaders, either first line managers or team leaders and those whose success depends on the effective leadership of teams.


Participants in this module will develop their understanding of the leadership link to organisational success and explore how to get the best out of others by adapting their management style to suit the situation and develop their leadership skills to support this.

Course Content

  • What inspires people to follow leaders
  • Inspirational Leaders
  • Leading with belief and optimism
  • Leading and Managing – the differences
  • Values and beliefs
  • Inspirational leaders – How do I measure up
  • Effectiveness and Importance – How do you Lead and Manage now
  • Self analysis – your preferred style
  • Forces driving your leadership style
  • Choosing the behaviours of an inspirational leaders to get positive results and achieve a climate of motivation and high performance
  • Accelerate the development of a team to high performance
  • Creating an empowered climate, building trust and supporting the team
  • Transforming employee potential and providing opportunities for personal growth
  • An introduction to emotional intelligence and the emotionally intelligent leader
  • Inspirational communication – organisational, team briefings, meetings and individual communication
  • Action planning

Course Duration

2 Days

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