Interpersonal skills and managing relationships

Who will benefit

Those who need to build effective working relationships with people at all levels and want to develop and enhance their interpersonal skills.


Understand your interpersonal style and how you are perceived by others, enhancing your relationships with others and develop confidence in achieving a positive outcome when interacting with others.

Course Content

  • Self awareness and understand how you are perceived by others and the power of your strengths and the dangers of overdone strengths
  • Building relationships and developing trust
  • Understanding the communication process and your personal communication style
  • Developing effective communication techniques conveying ideas and information effectively and with clarity
  • Explore how effective questioning and listening can enhance interpersonal effectiveness
  • Develop rapport, empathy and understanding
  • Communicating positively and the power of positive language, non verbal communication and the tone of voice
  • Influencing others and developing effective working relationships
  • Handling conflict and managing difficult situations
  • Assertiveness and how to achieve a win / win solution
  • developing a support network

  • Personal action planning

Course Duration

1 or 2 Days

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