Managing attendance at work

Who will benefit

Line managers who are responsible for managing attendance at work and undertaking return to work interviews.


This course aims to develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage attendance at work and deal with staff confidently and professionally who are unjustifiably absent from work.

Course Content

  • Defining absence – the legal definition
  • The cost and impact of absence on other team members and the business
  • Understand some of the reasons why people stay away from work
  • How to identify trends and underlying problems
  • Employers responsibilities
  • Explore the impact of health and well being on attendance at work and identify positive actions everybody can take
  • Dealing with different types of absence – short term persistent absence and long term absence
  • Understand, identify and have the skills to run effective joint problem solving sessions with team members
  • Understand how to respond to absence and have the skills to structure and undertake effective absence interviews and subsequent follow up
  • Generate creative solutions to managing absence
  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the equality act

Course Duration

1 Day

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