Presenting and Communicating with Power and Impact

Who will benefit

Directors, leaders and senior managers who have experience in delivering presentations who aim to develop their skills and deliver inspiring, engaging and interactive presentations to influence their audience.


Develop and refresh current skills and move to a higher level of presenting by using advanced communication techniques. Present and communicate confidently to individuals and large or small groups, delivering presentations that capture and hold the audience’s attention.

Course Content

  • Essential main points and the formulae applicable to every presentation
  • Personal style – deliver a work based filmed presentations and receive personal feedback and coaching
  • Mastering advanced communication techniques
  • Preparation for powerful and effective presentations
  • Using creative approaches to make your presentations interesting and memorable
  • Building rapport and interacting with your audience
  • Big picture presentations and making an impact
  • Presenting to large audiences
  • Managing and practicing media based situations, presenting positively and confidently. Handling negative commentary and challenging questions
  • Presenting your message in 30 seconds
  • Presentations in meetings and group discussions
  • Getting people to open up and participate in meetings and group discussions
  • Techniques for handling difficult people and difficult questions
  • Communication technologies, what’s available and how to use it

Course Duration

2 day programme, master class or executive coaching

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