Recruitment – interviewing and selection

Who will benefit

Anybody who needs to learn best practice or refresh their skills in recruiting and selecting future employees.


By the end of the course, attendees will be able to interview candidates in a consistent, effective and fair manner. They will have the knowledge and skills to enable them to get the best from candidates and accurately distinguish between them and make clear decisions.

Course Content

  • Develop the core skills for undertaking a successful competency based interview
  • Legal and policy requirements when conducting interviews
  • Understand how to progress from job specification to develop appropriate interview questions
  • Adopt a consistent approach, removing bias and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Gain a good understanding of the end-to-end recruitment process, roles and responsibilities
  • Develop knowledge, skills and behaviours required to prepare, conduct and evaluate candidate performance in an assessment centre environment
  • Planning, preparing for the event
  • Develop an effective introduction to the interview itself and enhance rapport building skills
  • Control the interview and obtain the best from the candidate, through effective communication
    • Enhance listening and probing questioning techniques
    • Develop use of verbal and non verbal communication
    • Gathering useful and relevant information
  • Undertake practical exercises and share best practice
  • Practice note taking, interviewing, evaluating, levelling and choosing the best candidate based on evidence in the wash up sessions
  • Feel confident running (taking the lead) in asking both role specific and competency based interview questions
  • Ensure the candidates have a positive experience throughout the recruitment and selection process, whether they have been successful or not
  • Maintain and enhance your organisations reputation by using up to date and best practice methods

Course Duration

2 Days

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