Stress and pressure management

Who will benefit

Those who wish to better manage the pressures they face at work. Those who wish to restore concentration, clarity and focus to their roles at work. The course is also for those who role it is to help others identify and manage stress and pressure at work.


This practical course is designed to help participants recognise, understand and prevent stress in themselves and others. Equipping them with the knowledge and practical approaches to effectively manage stress and pressure at work enabling them to perform at their own optimum level and enjoy their work. You will:

  • Learn how to recognise stressful situations in order to practically plan a way for you to manage it
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress so that you can develop a balanced working lifestyle
  • Discover how to identify stress in others and help them manage it

Course Content

  • Understanding stress and the causes
  • Assess stress levels and recognise the symptoms causes and triggers in yourself and others
  • Understand the differentiation between pressure and stress
  • Discuss and explore the views and experiences of others
  • Understand how to manage stress with practical tools and techniques
  • Methods to prevent anger and conflict from escalating in relationships
  • Learn how to relax and refresh mind and body
  • Recognise stress in others and help them to manage it effectively
  • Try out some practical approaches to managing stress
  • Plan and discuss realistic actions to manage stress and pressure

Course Duration

1 Day

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