Coaching for High Performance

Who will benefit

This course is aimed at those people who have responsibility for developing the performance of others and to help them to achieve higher performance


Develop a range of skills required for effective coaching and to develop the performance of others through giving constructive feedback and coaching people effectively to achieve high performance

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand the role of a coach, how people learn and develop and how the use of coaching and feedback gets the best out of people
  • Understand how to plan and prepare an effective coaching session and the key elements of effective coaching
  • Learn how to build trust and develop rapport with the coachee
  • Develop insightful questioning and high-level listening skills within coaching
  • Adapt your coaching style to get the best out of the coachee
  • Demonstrate the qualities of a high-performance coach through one-to-one coaching practice and gain motivational and developmental feedback
  • Raise awareness and generate responsibility in others using skilful feedback and coaching
  • Demonstrate the application of the component parts of effective coaching techniques
  • Deliver and receive an effective coaching session
  • Receive personal feedback and coaching
  • Develop a plan for implementing and delivering successful coaching on return to work

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