Effective Meeting Skills

Who will benefit

Anyone who leads chairs or participates in formal or informal meetings and wishes to ensure they are efficient, effective and productive.


The course is designed to help participants prepare, plan and structure formal and informal meetings to ensure positive contributions and successful outcomes. Equipping participants with the skills to both lead and participate in a supportive, constructive and effective way.

By the end of this course you will

  • Make meetings shorter, more focused and productive
  • Have clear guidelines for the planning, preparation and structure of meetings
  • Apply the skills of leading, processing and controlling meetings
  • Participate actively and make effective contributions
  • Be able to define the responsibilities of the meeting leader
  • Undertake the necessary planning and preparation needed for the meeting
  • Decide on the type of meeting in order to be most effective
  • Draw up and introduce an effective agenda
  • Lead and control meetings successfully
  • Share and clarify the ground rules to engage and involve the participants
  • Learn how to participate and state your case effectively in meetings
  • Understand why meetings fail and what makes them more effective
  • Gain buy-in and agreement and deal effectively with differing group dynamics
  • Support individuals building on and developing their ideas
  • Gain positive participation and agree follow up actions from attendees
  • Conclude positively, gaining accountability for actions and deadlines

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