Professional Presentation Skills – Advanced Skills

Who will benefit

Those who have experience of giving presentations and want to grow their confidence and develop their skills to an advanced level


An insightful, engaging and motivational 2 day event, designed to give you the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to prepare and deliver, effective, persuasive and memorable presentations that will engage and inspire your audience

By the end of this course you will

  • Have the confidence to get the right messages across and ensure that it will be remembered
  • Learn how to structure, prepare and plan your presentation – introducing a structure that works!
  • Understand how to establish and maintain rapport to keep the attention of your audience
  • Provide practical hints and tips on how to reduce nerves and raise performance levels
  • Understand how to manage challenging people and situations within your presentation
  • Develop advanced communication techniques and a basic overview of neuro-linguistic programming
  • Increase your ability to adapt your communication style to engage and inspire a diverse audience
  • Translate numbers into engaging, interesting and inspiring presentations
  • Visual aids – how to use them effectively to enhance a presentation
  • Receive feedback and tips to improve your presentation technique
  • Increase your confidence through the application of theory and skills

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