Professional Presentation Skills – Core Skills

Who will benefit

Anyone who is required to give presentations, address meetings, or prepare and deliver clear and memorable presentations on business issues and wants, to develop their skills and confidence.


The course aims to give you the confidence, knowledge and practical skills to prepare and deliver effective, persuasive and memorable presentations

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand how to plan and design your presentation to get your message across in the most effective way
  • Deliver a clear message of the presentations aims describing the benefits of your message for the audience
  • Create a positive and memorable presentation, developing the interest of and influencing your audience
  • Develop the confidence and skills needed to create a positive impact and lasting impression on your audience
  • Adapt your communication style and presentation content to suit the audience
  • Practice the skills in order to use your voice effectively
  • Learn how to use and read body language
  • Explore techniques to use when presenting with visual aids
  • Learn techniques and strategies in order to control nerves
  • Develop the skills to handle awkward questions and manage difficult participants effectively
  • Increase your confidence through the application of theory and skills

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