Self Management and Personal Effectiveness

Who will benefit

Those who wish to better manage the pressures they face at work and wish to restore concentration, clarity and focus to their lives. The course is also for those who role it is to help others identify and manage stress and pressure at work.


The course aims to help you to maximise your time and energy in order to become even more efficient and effective. It will provide participants with the tools, techniques and motivation to make better use of their time and take more control of their workloads by organising tasks, people and themselves more effectively, resulting in a healthier, more productive lifestyle both at work and home.

By the end of this course you will

  • Undertake a full review of your current experience to managing time
  • Develop strategies for effective time management
  • Learn how to establish priorities as a basis for managing time
  • Understand how personal attitudes can impact on approaches to time management
  • Review the tools available to enable you to manage time effectively through a range of techniques
  • Identify and manage typical timewasters – procrastination, emails, interruptions, ineffective delegation, ineffective meetings, inability to say no etc
  • Develop assertiveness techniques to manage interruptions and manage disruptions
  • Understand how to delegate to others, so that you can finish the jobs that really matter
  • Learn how to use a priority matrix which will help you get the things done that matter
  • Manage deadlines stress-free and learn strategies for solving possible time management problems
  • Learn how to recognise stressful situations in order to practically plan a way for you to manage it
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress so that you can develop a balanced working lifestyle
  • Discover how to identify stress and pressure in others and help them manage it
  • Create an action plan for effectively managing time and pressure

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