Advanced Sales Skills

Who will benefit

Sales and customer service professionals who already have sales and service experience.


To further develop current professional sales skills using ethical NLP (Neuro Linquistic Programming), to achieve improved sales results and customer experience which enhances the organisations brand image and overall business success.

Course Content

  • What is your personal brand image and how does this align with the organisations brand image
  • Developing personal confidence and creating power outcomes using NLP techniques
  • Building relationships and really understanding the customer
  • How beliefs drive behaviours yours and the customers
  • What beliefs are helping or hindering your success
  • Understanding personality types and speaking the customers language
  • Developing advanced communication skills using ethical NLP techniques to achieve success
  • Quickly connecting with customers and building trust
  • Influencing and negotiating collaboratively
  • Presenting solutions
  • Making the most of objections
  • Closing and commitment
  • Follow up and customer care
  • Continually improving through self coaching
  • Developing a personal action plan

Course Duration

1 Day

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