Managing Difficult and Demanding Customers

Who will benefit

Those who deal with “difficult” people or challenging situations either face to face or by telephone.


Deal with difficult people situations professionally and efficiently. Understand how own behaviour or attitude can influence the behaviour of others. Develop strategies to react calmly and positively and diffuse challenging situations.

Course Content

  • Explore what causes customers to be demanding or difficult
  • Defining difficult and aggressive Situations
  • Understanding the triggers, feelings and responses
  • Managing own responses and engaging the professional brain
  • Turning unhelpful responses into positive actions
  • Handling and diffusing verbal aggression and insults
  • Explore the impact of body language, words used and tone of voice
  • Communicate professionally, demonstrating empathy and understanding
  • Defuse difficult situations and manage unacceptable behaviour
  • Developing assertive behaviour
  • Using reason and logic to state your case, make and refuse requests, say no clearly and directly
  • Keeping a controlled appearance
  • Seeking a positive outcome

Course Duration

1 Day

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